Here are a few of our favorite places to visit, most within 20 Klms of the house

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The local area is steeped in history, with many sites and attractions within a short distance from the house. From the UNESCO listed caves containing early man's cave paintings, Gallo-Roman ruins, fortified medieval towns and villages; and over a thousand castles and chateau. Also within driving distance are the famed vineyards of Bordeaux, such as Saint Emillion, and the closer vineyards of the Bergerac region.

The area has beautiful cliffs, fields and valleys that run all the way along the Dordogne River. The area has some of the most beautiful landscapes and buildings that can be found anywhere in the world. Listed here are just a few local attractions that are some of our favourites.

There are many more that can be found be visiting a local tourist office or just Googling the area for local attractions.



The River Dordogne is only 900 meters from the house and is great for fishing, canoeing, cruising or even swimming in the summer months.
































Saint Cyprian is only 2 kilometres away with restaurants, bars, shops, and a large supermarket that sells everything from wine and cheeses to meats and seafood, to DVD's and clothing. The town has a beautiful Augustinian Monastery initially built in 1076 in the centre of the town that is a focal point to the area due to its size and being raised half way up a hill. The town has many medieval winding side streets and is a wonderful base to explore the Dordogne region.

There are two tennis courts that can be hired and there is a great Sunday market that is open on Sunday morning where you can stock up on local provisions.

Of historical note is a place called Impasse Talbot. This where the house of the last Commander of the English Forces during the hundred year war was situated. He was killed while crossing the River Dordogne not far from the house at La Mothe-Motravel in 1453 when heading towards Castillon to battle the French Forces. As the English had no commander in chief the English were defeated and this ended the Hundred Years War.














































Berbegeuires is dominated by a Chateau initially built in 12th century. The village is only 1 kilometre from the house and is an easy walk or bike ride. The village is situated in a dale between to wooded hills and has many hiking trails around the area. There are no cafes, shops or restaurants but the Chateau is beautiful.